Image of Perfect Pair Handset Font

Perfect Pair Handset Font

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BEFORE YOU BUY: This is a vector EPS and not a system font. You'll need a vector editing software like Adobe Illustrator to use this font.

You cut red construction paper into the shape of a heart, you covered that business in glitter, you even glued a lace doily to the back... but it's just not enough. What will make your valentines even more special? What about OUR HANDSET FONT?!

Perfect Pair is an all caps handset font that includes two versions of each letter: one curly and goofy, one straight and narrow. Combine them together and you get a great way to infuse your designs with personality - whether you're making a card for your sweetie or a break up letter for your soon-to-be-ex-sweetie.

We've also included a BUNCH of doodles, swashes, and face assets for you to play around with. GO CRAZY, HAVE FUN. Just remember: The Perfect Pair loves you!